Best Programming Language 2018

Best Programming Language 2018

In 2018 the programming language that has emerged to be the best in Python.

  • Yes, it’s a programming language that has caught the imagination of programming world this year with a blast. There has been a kind of surge in the learners of Python programming this year. Infect the number of Python programmers has dramatically increased in 2018.

Now, one might be thinking (especially a fresher) that what is there in the Python programming language that is helping it in gaining fast popularity over standard languages like C++ and Java?

Well, to put your curiosity to an end we will discuss some features of the Python coding language that makes it the best in the business.  Why it’s the best?  Let’s take a look at the various features of Python language that make it best.  Beginner friendly and Easy to understand: This is something that has been a pivot in attracting the beginners towards Python. The language is designed in such a way that it makes learning a fun activity. It allows you to build prototypes and tools as a part of your learning process. Apart from that, the designing of the language is done in such a way that it takes off the burden of syntax-learning and helps you to focus more on conceptual understanding of the programming.

Thus, making it easy for the beginners to grasp.  High efficiency: Efficiency is something which is sought in everybody whether machine, person or a programming language. Any new technology rides on the back of its effectiveness over its precursor’s, and so is the case with Python. With its built-in methods and classes, Python makes it easy to execute the everyday tasks systematically without hampering the applications.

The standards set by Python are something that would require some tough work to match.  Flexibility: Being a dynamic type language the flexibility offered by Python is quite impressive. That is there are no hard and fast rules on how to build features, and you will have more flexibility and freedom solving problem using different methods. Apart from that Python allows you to compile and run programs even if there are some errors that are required to be rectified. Thus, it’s a little more forgiving than its contemporaries.  Scalability: The language is highly scalable that is it combines object-oriented tactics with the utilitarian programming abilities that help a more compact style of programming than other broadly useful dialects. This is what the industry has been looking for past five to six years, and Python fits that requirement perfectly.  Remains updated: The one striking feature of Python programming language is that it has been accompanied with

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS5
  3. AJAX

, and other popular futuristic technologies which allow it to remain updated with the ongoing trends in the market. This makes the language efficient for developing a web application, Smartphone apps, native programming etc.

Final thoughts the above discussions might have provided you with the answer that why Python is the best programming language in 2018 out there. Now, you might be able to understand that learning Python has its benefits irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner or a Pro in the industry. (Julius Hernandez, 2018) (Steve Klabnik, 2018)  References Julius Hernandez, ‎. L. (2018). Python for Beginners. New York: Independently Published, 2018. Steve Klabnik, ‎. N. (2018). The best Programming Languages. Nevada: Amazon.