5 Best Sites for Streaming Movies for Free

Even though streaming movies for free may be considered as piracy, there are several sites on the Internet that stream movies for free. These sites contain a lot of movies that you can legally stream for free.

Whether you are interested in television shows or movies, you can find streaming videos. All you need is to know where to find them. Here are the best sites for free online movie streaming that you may consider checking out.


If you want a free online movie streaming site with the interesting and original production, Crackle is your must-visit-site. Although it has a varied rotating selection, you will find top-rated movies such as Hot Rod, The Blob, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula Which can also be found on torrentz 2.

Apart from film, this site also features several television shows, including Hell’s Kitchen, Charlie’s Angel, and other new programs such as the Snatch Series. With such a rich lineup of movies and television shows, Crackle must be one of the best free Roku channels.


SnagFilms is your free alternative to Netflix. This site is known for fresh content and has unique categories such as Explore the World and Athletes and their Triumphs. SnagFilms has a collection of over 2,000 videos including shows, films, and documentaries. There is also an additional section for original comedies.

The site also offers a category of classic movies. However, you should not expect lots of popular movies, but some of the latest collections and more.


Popcornflix is similar to Crackle in that both sites have full movies with minimum ads. Popconflix has a wide collection of movies in rotating selection, including Flawless, Double Dragon, and Roman Holiday among others. In addition to the movies, the site also offers original content.

The movies are grouped according to genre, popularity, staff picks, and the new arrival, making it easy for you to use Popcornflix. With such a rich lineup and friendly navigation, this site is one of the best choices for the free streaming of movies.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers a variety. Here, there is a Live TV section where you can change the channel just like your traditional TV. If you are only interested in playing films, the Movie section is on the left, although you can sometimes find this section middle.

If you cannot find an interesting program on the live station, head to the On Demand on the left sidebar. Here, there are a lot of free movies that you can stream anytime you want.

The Roku Channel

Do not let the name of this channel fool you. Although you can stream this channel on your device through the Roku app, you can also stream it online. It offers a wide range of entertainment, including fiction and furry.

The site has a rotating selection and interesting categories such as Mysteries, Martial Art, and Family Nights. However, you will have to be patient because of the ads because it is the ads that make the site free.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for free movies, these are the to-go-to sites. Here, you will enjoy legally enjoy free movies whenever and wherever you want.