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Latest Haircuts & Hairstyles – 2018

Latest Haircuts & Hairstyles – At a Glance


The hair trends for 2018 is the perfect reflection of past. If you want the best hairstyles to look trendy, then you will have to revisit past to find the specific style to match your personality. You just need to give a unique and innovative look to the past haircuts. Now, all the past hairstyles are suggested by the designers. If you are looking for the latest haircut, then take the shape of your face and match it with the past hairstyles that might be blonde, retro, and bubble up. Yes, all these are tried and proven. To help you out, followings are the latest hairstyles and haircuts that can make a significant change in your look for sure.


If you want to dye your hair and to get a stylish look, then you should go with Nirvana Blonde. This is nothing new. You will need a blonde haircut if you face has a round shape. It might not go well with an oval shape. This is the hairstyle of Selena Gomez done by popular hairstylists Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee. The effect will be instant and noticeable. Everyone is going to praise you once you come out of the salon. It is also easier on the hair root and will not damage your hair.

Bubble up

Bubble up is not new. But it has taken a transformation when some celebrities are looking at their best with this hairstyle. This is the coolest hairstyle of 2018. Anyone would love to have this haircut. You will look attractive and charming. In Fenty Puma show, models were walking with their ponytail wrapped in an elastic neon string. These are wrapped in sections and then tied randomly to create imperfect bubbles. This will be the best if you have an oval shape face. It will make you look more beautiful and charming.

Loud and clear

If you want something different and unique in 2018, you can try to make it acrylic. It is easy and you will look fabulous. You might have noticed now models are wearing clear plastic tubes fastened over their low ponytail. It offers a fun and different look.


Retro is not a new hairstyle. It was quite popular in the nineties. But now this trend has started dominating the market once again. In this hairstyle, the hair ends are either flipped out or rolled under. The haircuts will be blunter than ever. It can go well with any shape regardless of hair length. If you are confused to choose the hairstyle for your short hair, you should go with this option. It will offer a stylish and attractive look.

Double barrettes

All hair textures and types can try this style. Even if you have very short hair, you can try this one to get a gorgeous look. Two barrettes are fastened parallel above each temple with classic bobby pin with a metallic finish to offer a nice look.

Go big

Do you have curls? Do you want to flaunt them? If yes, then you can use hair styling products like hairspray or dry shampoo to take the natural texture to a new height.