How to Find Adventurous Friends

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How to Find Adventurous Friends Let's face it—making friends can be hard. After all, don't we all need that person in our life who will drag us out of our tent to see a beautiful sunrise, and share a drink around the campfire at night? Especially as you move further away from group living situations—like college, AmeriCorps, or simply having roommates—finding people with common interests can feel like a struggle. So how do you go about finding folks that are adventurous or adventure-curious like yourself? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Join an Outdoor Club Photo by Danielle Tourigny Outdoor clubs are great places to join in with like-minded people for adventures, conservation activities, volunteering, and educational programs. They are often focused on a particular area of the United States like the Appalachian Mountain Club or the Colorado Mountain Clubbut others, like the Sierra Clubare much larger and have chapters sprinkled throughout the country. Find one close to you by searching online for outdoor clubs near me.

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