Ivy's Twisted Vine

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How to feel better in Take a tip from Tony, pictured here hanging out at High Point Climbing. Clinging to a multicolored wall 30 feet above the floor of High Point Climbing, I started to rethink my long-held belief that I am not afraid of heights. Around me are a half dozen people who long ago surmounted their own mental barriers and who are scurrying up colorcoded handholds and foot-steps that define different routes up the hulking foot-tall wall. High Point Climbing has only been open since December 17th, but it already has a loyal customer base. The first two were in Chattanooga, a center for the sport of rock climbing, and a third was opened in Birmingham. In the short time High Point has been in operation here, they have discovered a pent-up demand in the flat land of Memphis for vertical workouts. He leads meditation sessions with the Memphis Grizzlies and the Memphis Tigers.

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Shelves: strong-h-h-characters , contemporary , m-f-m , erotica , multiple-partners , plus-pages , alpha-male , pregnancy , black-female , brooding-heroine I thought this book was such a good soap opera. It was more of a written cover with soap opera than an erotica but it was enchanting because there were denial clear heroes that was squeaky cleanse on either side of the barrier. Ivy Winters was a young female with a clear plan for her life and knew the road atlas to get there complete with a fiancee. Her fiancee, Grey Henderson wasn't so sure, but in came Lt. Nicola Agosto and showed Ivy around was more to the world than her plans. I loved the account as it gave me memor I thought this book was such a good soap opera. I loved the story as it gave me memories of daytime soaps and everyone is sleeping with everyone and everyone has the winners of who they accept as true that Ivy is best suited.

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