Majority of middle-aged Canadians not using condoms survey suggests

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Seven out of 10 Canadians aren't using condoms during sex, while the country's youngest practice safe sex more than any other demographic in Canada, according to a new McMaster University study. Researchers surveyed roughly 2, sexually active Canadians to peek under the covers and get some insight on intimacy across the country. While the study focused on penile-vaginal intercourse and only included people who had sex at least 10 times in the last six months, the team says the results are balanced to represent Canada's diverse population. The findings show 70 per cent of Canadians surveyed don't use condoms in penile-vaginal intercourse, while 71 per cent of those aged 18 to 35 do. The study also reveals 85 per cent of people having casual sex reported using condoms compared to 36 per cent of Canadians in committed relationships. Condom use was greater among more educated people. About one in two college and university graduates or those who learned how to use condoms practiced safe sex. Meanwhile, men diagnosed with sexually-transmitted infections were about three times more likely to never use condoms compared to men who didn't receive an STI diagnosis. Sixty-seven per cent of men from visible minority groups in the poll were much more likely to use condoms compared to 40 per cent of white men.

After it comes to safe sex, a new study suggests middle-aged Canadians allow something to learn from the younger generation. Research from the University of Guelph indicates Canadians aged between 40 and 59 are less likely en route for use condoms than their younger counterparts. The study found 65 per cent of men in that age band surveyed online reported not using a condom the last time they had sex, while the number jumped en route for 72 per cent for women. Analyse co-author Robin Milhausen says it's not unusual to see people exercise a lesser amount of caution as they age. Safe-sex culture and outreach efforts can easily affect high school and university students who congregate in common places, but allow a harder time reaching older populations that are more widely dispersed, she said. Milhausen said there are abundant reasons for the decrease in condom use, many of which are conspicuously logical. Fear of erectile dysfunction after that performance anxiety can also play a role among older men, she alleged, adding many may choose to avert condom use for fear it bidding exacerbate existing issues they may be contending with. For those who are not dating casually and are pursuing more committed relationships, the risk becomes even greater. The research suggested adult respondents had a surprisingly cavalier approach towards sexually transmitted infections STI , with 58 per cent saying they were either not very or not at all concerned about contracting individual.

Sexual behaviours, condom use, and protection adjacent to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections STIs are important indicators of sexual and reproductive health. National data arrange these indicators can assist the broadcast health and education sectors in arrangement and implementing effective programming to advance sexual health. Data on condom abuse are of particular interest because acceptable and consistent condom use reduces the risk of passing on STIs Addendum 1 and is an effective approach of contraception. Note 2 Information arrange the motivations for not using condoms or other contraceptives can help governments and organizations develop policies and initiatives that encourage their use.

Rates of sexually transmitted infections STIs all the rage Canada are rising , and a new survey suggests many young Canadians may not be protecting themselves. The survey noted, however, this did not suggest young adults were not using other forms of birth control akin to the pill or intrauterine devices IUDs , for example. But condoms are the only method of birth be in charge of that protects people against STIs. Although the survey suggests some students were not concerned about getting an STI in general, some experts argue around is still a stigma attached en route for buying condoms in the first area.

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