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Virtues[ edit ] Godey's Lady's Book was a highly influential women's magazine which reinforced many of the values of the Cult of Domesticity. Purity — Virginity, a woman's greatest treasure, be obliged to not be lost until her marriage ceremony night, and a married woman had to remain committed only to her husband. Submission — True women were required to be as submissive after that obedient as little children because men were regarded as women's superiors as a result of God's appointment. Domesticity — A woman's proper place was in the abode and her role as a companion was to create a refuge designed for her husband and children. Cooking, embroidery, making beds, and tending flowers were considered naturally feminine activities, whereas analysis anything other than religious biographies was discouraged. According to Welter, an archetype True Woman was frail, too emotionally and physically weak to leave her home.