Social relations and life satisfaction: the role of friends

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Received Dec 19; Accepted Feb This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Starting from the seminal works of Colemana multitude of social capital definitions and conceptualizations has been proposed e. The main concept present in all of the current definitions is that social capital is a resource that resides in the networks and groups which people belong to, rather than an individual characteristic or a personality trait. Lin et al. A network is composed of a finite set of actors and the relations among them.

Ancient research studies on friendship satisfaction be able to be broadly classified into the next two categories. One line of acquaintance satisfaction research focuses on identifying the predictors of friendship satisfaction. The collective provisions perspective on personal relationships suggests that friendship fulfills various needs of an individual Weiss,and the level of satisfaction with friendship is determined as a result of the extent to References Argyle, M. Sources of satisfaction and conflict all the rage long-term relationships. Journal of Marriage after that the Family, 45, — Google Academic Berg, J.

Two studies investigated satisfaction of basic emotional needs as a mediator of the relationship between friendship quality and hap- piness. In the two studies reported, basic M. Demir, M. O emotional needs satisfaction in best friendship analyse 1 and close friendships study 2 was investigated as a mediator of the relation between friendship quality after that happiness. Theorizing and measurement of bliss were observed in the broader area of psychological well-being Diener ; Ryff There are two research traditions that have concerned themselves with the dimension of psychological well-being. The at the outset tradition, referred to as hedonic comfort, focuses on pleasure and happiness although the second tradition, called as eudaimonic well-being, focuses on con- structs such as personal growth, self-acceptance and ecological mastery see Ryan and Deci designed for a review. Our focus in the present investigation was on hedonic comfort, which considers friendship experiences as a source of happiness Baumeister and Leary ; Ryan and Deci rather than a dimension of well-being Ryff Within the hedonic well-being tradition, emotional well-being is conceptualized as happiness, before subjective well-being Lent

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