6 Ways Coffee Can Help Your Sex Life

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Dinner and a movie? Guys and girlsyou can do better than that. But you know what will do that? And bringing your other half something in bed makes it even more special. Pick up some blow-you-away coffee, prepare the perfect pour over, and serve it next to a delicious breakfast. The first coffee of the day is always the most special. Credit: Lindsey Pruitt. To really make this option a great date, turn off your phone, skip the latte art photoand just enjoy a moment with your special person.

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Can you repeat that? makes someone good in bed varies wildly depending on who you ask. Great sex is a learned ability that takes communication and practice. It also takes some degree of force and endurance. For those looking designed for an extra, aphrodisiac-induced edge, mixing auburn and sex might mean the alteration between good and amazing sex. Although caffeine can play a role all the rage those latter two. Here are six reasons why coffee can help you become a better lover — by least, according to science:. Researchers bring into being that because caffeine has stimulant properties that cause an increased heart appraise and blood pressure, consuming something caffeinated may also facilitate genital arousal — i. While caffeine may aid all the rage genital arousal, Madrone notes that femininity drive is a little more complex than just increasing blood flow en route for the genitals. Around 30 million men experience erectile dysfunction ED in the United States alone.