Rachel Campos-Duffy To Co-Host ‘Fox & Friends’ Weekend After Jedediah Bila Exit

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After a months-long stretch of rotating guest hosts pitched as a kind of open call to replace the late Alex Trebekmany questioned the decision by Sony Pictures Television, which produces the syndicated series, to tap an internal candidate over a number of higher-profile celebrities. Richards was dismissed as a defendant in one of the suits; another suit was dismissed altogether; and the third was settled out of court. Fans and even casual viewers of such a long-running, truly beloved television institution were bound to have both considered opinions and gut reactions about whoever was named — this double-hosting solution does seem designed to soften a blow — regarding this as some sort of self-appointment that completely ignored the audience as well as a missed opportunity to significantly change the face of the show while placing it in the hands of someone lovable who clearly loved it. I am happy that Bialik is involved. I just enjoy mentioning that. A backup plan? A cop-out? What sorts of challenges do they face? Was it a consolation prize?

Although other guests got to enjoy a full two weeks to catch their stride, the Good Morning America affix only had a week and old it quite well. Stephanopoulos was accomplished from the get-go, interjecting very a small amount, and running some good, clean games. He was a natural choice en route for get a guest host stint en route for try his hand at replacing the Canadian legend. How did he do? While he did a superb activity of respecting the format and not interjecting too much, there were a number of times in which he left the contestants hanging and forgot to at the appointed time them to choose another category. It turns out that Jeopardy!

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