Do lesbians have better sex than straight women?

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Mon 9 Jul Oh my God, yes! Women who sleep with women repeatedly report higher levels of sexual satisfaction in surveys and studies than women who have sex with men. A Public Health England survey of more than 7, women last month found that half of respondents elderly between 25 and 34 did not enjoy their sex life. A a good deal larger study in of 53, Americans by the Kinsey Institute recorded a little different numbers, but with the alike trends.

Whatsapp Straight women are not having adjacent as many orgasms as men before lesbian women. It's time to accurate the orgasm gap. Why does it exist? And how can we answer it? Simply put: the orgasm breach is the frequency with which men have orgasms during sex vs women. Get to the amount of above-board women having orgasms during sex, all the same, and that number drops sharply. Why does the orgasm gap exist?