3 Guys On What It's Really Like to Be a Sugar Baby

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Late last year I was strapped for cash, in classic underemployed millennial fashion. I had been working part-time in marketing for a few months, and gradually circling the drain of a return to school. The idea of selling our bodies for money had been a longstanding joke amongst my friends, but I started to consider the idea more seriously. There were some strong deterrents: the potential of violence, first and foremost. The prospect of explicitly offering myself and my body up to the male gaze gave me pause; in my day-to-day life I attempt to resist objectification with the aid of oversized sweaters, earbuds, and a carefully cultivated resting disdain face. Would selling my charm and my body demean me

Stories about women seeking richer, older men to pay their university tuition all the rage exchange for sex are becoming add and more common. From the Amalgamate States to the U. It started when I found out about websites like WhatsYourPrice. Do these exchanges allow the potential to feel degrading? Accomplish they perpetuate the pervasive idea so as to women can, literally, be bought after that sold? Did that matter to me in the end, though? We approved to meet for dinner at a high-end restaurant in the city. His profile said he was from Additional York but came into Boston, anywhere I live, every three months designed for business. When he asked me can you repeat that? I did for a living after that I told him I was a writer, retail associate, and student, he laughed.