The 30 best horror movies of all time

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Of course, there are plenty of frights while you are watching but the best scary movies are far sneakier than that. They stealth into your thoughts while you're getting ready en route for settle down for the night after that make you think twice before exit off the bedside light. The finest horror movies are also a absolute way to explore our fears after that develop some new ones. If you already dread Zoom meetings, you're available to hate them even more afterwards watching 's Host, and if camping holidays in the woods are your dream getaways, you might not constant want to find out why all is so scared of The Blair Witch Project. Don't worry, you be able to always pop that tent on eBay Whittling decades of movies down en route for a list of 30 hasn't been easy. The sacrificial altar is glistening with fresh blood.

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