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Some of the irreversible effects include breast growth and changes in fertility. Before a person begins estrogen hormone therapy, a doctor will evaluate their health. Some people may also undergo a mental health evaluation that explores their mental health, gender dysphoria, and use of alcohol and drugs. People under 18 years of age may also need to see doctors with expertise in pediatric transgender health. Some individuals may wish to further prepare by seeing a mental health professional before beginning treatment to explore their goals and expectations of hormone therapy, as well as its side effects and challenges and ways to deal with them. People may also want to discuss the available social supports. What to expect During the visits, in addition to taking estrogen, a person will take an anti-androgen to block testosterone and its effects. Some people may also take other medications, including progesterone. A few weeks after starting the medication, a person may begin to notice physical effects, such as a decreased libido.

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