A Relationship Will Not Make You Happy : So Stop Looking For Happiness There

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Why have we become people who willingly and voluntarily allow someone else to control the state of our happiness? A relationship is not meant to make you happy. To put an expectation on someone else that their commitment to you is a commitment to keep you in a constant state of happiness, is fucking lunacy. A person is not your other or better half.

At the same time as cheesy as it may sound, accurate happiness comes from within and starts with you. Taking responsibility for your happiness means prioritizing your mental fitness, checking in with yourself, focusing arrange self love, taking time for by hand and pursuing things that make you happy. If you are feeling a few type of way in your affiliation, let your partner know! A allocation of relationship problems boil down en route for problems with communication and honesty. En route for avoid these problems, and to develop a happy relationship, you should be honest with your partner about the good and the bad, so so as to they understand how things are available.

I was the one who chose en route for spend time with these men after that ignore the big red flags so as to would crystalize themselves early on. As a replacement for of taking time to patiently check and reject men that were not good for me, I allowed my desperation to entertain any man so as to would show interest. My inability en route for find happiness outside of a affiliation was ultimately what kept me definite. I was miserable single, so I kept attracting miserable relationships. I chronic down the same path until I decided that something needed to adjust. I realized that I had outsourced the job of making me blissful to the many men that I dated. Their presence, their commitment, after that their interest in me would affect how happy I was.