Four women get real about sex in long-term relationships

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Okay fine Seriously though, losing sexual desire in a long-term relationship is a very real phenomenon, which can have a devastating impact on everything from our self esteem to our emotional connection with our partner. In fact, a study of 35, British people published in found that roughly half of people in serious relationships have sex less than once a week. Pepper Schwartz, an expert in sexuality and sex at the Paired couples app, to find out what causes sex droughts in long-term relationships and, more importantly, how to get out of them. Schwartz, most couples have straightforward sex lives: People kiss, stroke, have intercourse, cuddle afterwards as if the script was in our DNA. People expect to usually settle into a routine that works for them, which is good, but over time it can — let's be honest here — get a little boring. Remember how you would set the stage when you were just trying to get someone to fall in love, or at least lust, with you.

WhatsApp When your relationship has reached the 'ever after' stage of your a long time ago inseparable, giddy, can't-live-without-you love, maintaining the passion can seem impossible. Research has found 54 per cent of Australian men and 42 per cent of Australian women in heterosexual relationships are unhappy with the frequency of femininity in their relationship — mostly as they're wanting more. If you're affection unsatisfied with the amount of femininity you're having, here's what the experts recommend. While many of us are happy to prioritise a date, which might include dinner and a film, very few of us take the same approach when it comes en route for our sex lives. And the cheerless truth is, by the time we get home from a date dark, we're often too tired to reconnect with our partner physically.

It also shows that sex predicts care and affection, in turn, predicts incidence of sexual activity. In other words, more sex leads to more femininity. So if you want to allow sex, the best thing to accomplish is to have more sex! It might sound silly, but it at last can improve your sex drive after that overall sex life. Affectionate touchfor case, can be a great way en route for be intimate. Some non-sexual forms of physical intimacy include: massages cuddling holding hands Beyond physical intimacy, emotional closeness — including honest, vulnerable conversations — can also be important to a lot of people when it comes to relationships.

Also raw. Uncomfortably intimate. Potentially depressing. Navigating the journey from when-we-met passion en route for long-term sexual fulfilment can be difficult, occasionally exhilarating, perhaps underwhelming.