7 Tips to Elevate Your Nude Selfie Game

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In Bronzino's portrait of the admiral Andrea Doria, his subject chose to be depicted in the mostly-naked, muscular form of the sea god Neptune Credit: Alamy Sending nudes is more of a live topic than ever, chiefly because the ease of taking, replicating and sharing naked images has led to anxieties about everything from revenge porn to celebrity sex tapes, hacked private images to sexting teenagers. But since the advent of smartphones, sending nudes has also become normalised incredibly quickly: any woman who's been on a dating app in the last decade will likely have been asked to share nude pictures with eyebrow-lifting speed. But Ingles reminds me that sending nudes isn't really new: When I was in my early twenties, I sent nudes to someone — this was before the internet, so it was Polaroids. It's just that it used to be a private, little-spoken-of activity, rather than part and parcel of digital dating and contemporary life. Its increasing prevalence as a phenomenon is neither a simply good or bad thing, Ingles — and the writers of Sending Nudes — suggest.

Attractive nude selfies is an act of erotic expression, and sharing them along with a trustworthy partner can deepen your intimacy plus make for tantalizing foreplay. Sadly, the joys of this activity are often eclipsed by anxiety above photos being stolen or shared devoid of consent. As long as everyone catch up enthusiastically consents at every step of the way, taking and sharing bare photos is one of the hottest things you can do. Read arrange for my expert tips at accomplishment even more sext-ual pleasure out of nudes.

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