Nashville revival: How Matt Duchene brought his game back to life this season

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That much-needed bye week is in the books, and the Cards are ready for a stretch run. Six games to go until the postseason, with a trip to Chicago on deck. The mailbag, of course, never stops. As always, you can send in a question for a future mailbag here. Each of those teams fielded a balanced offensive attack and a balanced defensive front.

But you're like me, the first affair you did when you witnessed Leonard Fournette score his fourth touchdown of the game on Sunday in Indianapolis was think to yourself, I absolutely hope I'm not playing against him in fantasy football. Okay, that at the outset thing I actually did in so as to moment was try not to applaud in the press box, because that's seriously frowned upon. There may allow been a discreet high-five with the person next to me. You, arrange the other hand, presumably had denial such restrictions and were cheering by hand hoarse. The second thing I did after Fournette scored on that backyard power run was see how a good deal time was left on the alarm clock. The third thing was change the headline to the postgame report. After that so on.