How To Feel Less Lonely When I Have No Friends In College

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The problem, of course, is not BU-specific—the coronavirus pandemic has forced college students across the country to socially isolate, leaving many feeling at least a little, and sometimes more than a little, lonely. All of those measures, well-intentioned as they are, leave students feeling cooped up in their rooms all day long in front of a laptop or looking fixedly at their phone. With fewer students on campus and fewer chances to interact with others, since many have chosen to study remotely from home, meeting and making new friends has become harder than ever—at a time when everybody could use good friends. Loneliness is so common. Loneliness could really tip someone into mental health distress. Everyone has a hard time sometimes.

Grohol, Psy. When you first get en route for college, it can feel like a pretty overwhelming event. Sure, you acquire to meet a lot of additional people, some of who may constant become your friends. And being so as to lonely while at university can actually mess with your head. Surrounded as a result of strangers, many of whom seem add comfortable with the situation than you, all you can do is beam and try to fit in. Chat to your new roommates or hallmates is cool. In fact, you be able to already tell one is going en route for annoy the hell out of you.

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Can you repeat that? Parents Can Do Loneliness is a common problem among college students, above all those who are beginning their freshman year. In fact, many would about that it is to be accepted. But that does not make it any easier to cope with. Not only is it a difficult be subject to to weather, but many college students do not feel comfortable talking a propos or even admitting to their feelings. Plus homesicknessanxietyand depression can all be a part of the experience at the same time as well. So, it is not amazing that mental health issues are along with the top concerns that college students face each day. The students surveyed also indicated feeling overwhelming anxiety at the same time as well as feeling that things were hopeless. If you are having desperate thoughts, contact the National Suicide Anticipation Lifeline at for support and aid from a trained counselor.

En route for help with that, we asked 17 college students for their best assistance on how to cope with affection alone. Many of these tips are especially helpful if you're going bad to college, but if you're early at a new high school, before just feeling lonely in general, these tips can still apply. Here's can you repeat that? people who have been through it before have to say about aloneness at school. Sophie Allen, 17 Freshman, UMass Amherst It's really easy en route for call a friend from home after that talk to them about how abandoned you feel — sometimes that feels like the only thing to accomplish. But other people feel lonely also. Ask your roommate or someone arrange your hall if they wanna acquire food, or if they've gone en route for the bookstore yet.