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Miller also co-wrote the script. They were enemies in college, and a decade or more later, their mutual friend, a mildly swishy comedian Justin Longsolves their respective real estate crises by reintroducing them to each other. She seems drunk and crazy and dim. She might hail from a long line of asymmetrical funny women, Judy Holliday to Parker Posey. She might be someone totally new. But she deserves a chance to create a persona. Is Katie a ditz, a slut, a loser, a brat, a snob? Is she cool or is that an act?

Hey, Freshmen! Intermission was lucky enough en route for speak with the two riotous comediennes about this hearty pro-chicks but not chick-flick flick. We had to be tight with it…as soon as a bite felt good we moved on. Katie and I were very different ancestor and we met in college.

Kelsey Garcia Finding a good roommate be able to be a daunting and dangerous action, especially over Craigslist. In the approach film For a Good Time, Call…, straight-laced Lauren learns her adventurous, additional, and difficult-to-deal-with roommate Katie pays the bills by working as a phone-sex operator. The two cash-strapped roomies after that join forces and run the affair together. The movie is written as a result of real-life friends Katie Anne Naylon after that Lauren Miller, who plays one of the main characters in the big screen along with actress Ari Graynor. Was it hard to tap into so as to sexuality, fun, or funny? Because our goal wasn't to make a buzz sex documentary, we just tried en route for entertain and be as funny at the same time as we could within the world we were creating. It was an absurdly freeing and fun thing to accomplish.

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