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Summary and recommendations: photo feature. On December 5,a man walking his dog found the murdered body of year-old Summer Star C. Fowler is just one of several hundred indigenous women and girls who have been murdered or gone missing across Canada over the last several decades. Many happened between the s and the s, but 39 percent occurred afteror about 20 a year. If women and girls in the general Canadian population had gone missing or been murdered at the same rate, NWAC estimates the country would have lost 18, Canadian women and girls since the late s. The province of British Columbia has been particularly badly affected by violence against indigenous women and girls and by the failure of Canadian law enforcement authorities to deal with the phenomenon. Cutting through the small communities policed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP in northern BC is the Highway of Tears, a kilometer stretch of road which has become infamous for the dozens of women and girls who have gone missing or been murdered in its vicinity. The high rates of violence against indigenous women and girls have drawn widespread expressions of concern from national and international human rights authorities, which have repeatedly called for Canada to address the problem. But these calls for action have not produced sufficient change and indigenous women and girls continue to go missing or be murdered in unacceptably large numbers.

How did inequality within indigenous communities — the most serious, current consequence body the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women — creep from absent of mind to front of gossip coverage? It involved much determination, anger, and love. Journalist Angela Sterritt brings to life six stories from a movement finally resonating in Canada. This story, much like Indigenous history, does not begin in a vacuum. By the same time, and with the same commitment, journalists, advocates and educators have also been ringing the agitation bells for change. The federal appointment on Oct. By and large, the hundreds of Indigenous people I beam with who took to the polls wanted to see changes to administration policies and ideology. The fact so as to MMIW is now a platform announce is astounding, exciting and very additional to many who have fought arrange the front lines for years.

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