‘Will I Ever Be Free of You?’ by Karyl McBride

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Let every eye negotiate for itself And trust no agent, For beauty is a witch Against whose charms — Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, II, 1 Beauty can be a witch that leads men down the path of unrighteousness. Having your partner indulge in outside sex must rank as one of the most emotionally terrible fates that can befall someone, especially a man. I say man because most men don't seem to cope too well or deal with that scenario. I'm not saying that women aren't affected also, as some do get absolutely distraught, but they often tend to recover after a while. Men, on the other hand, take it to another level when they find out that their woman gave away her prized possession to another man. I said her prized possession as it's hers, even though some men try to claim joint ownership and think that it's also theirs. Wise up, man, it's not yours, it's only your turn.

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