What Causes Lack of Appetite?

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A lack of appetite may stem from a variety of physical or psychological causes. Understanding the reason why you have no appetite is key to determining how to best treat the issue. Sometimes, the cause is fleeting—such as in the case of a stomach bug. But at other times, it can be longer-lasting and may require treatment. Aging: Appetite often changes with age. Older people may lack interest in food due to changing taste buds, dementia, health problems, medication side effects, or mental health problems. Anemia: Anemia occurs when there is an abnormally low level of blood cells.

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How can I stop hunger pangs as of waking me up? Do you always feel as if you're never full? An increased appetite during pregnancy is very common. From early pregnancy, changes in your hormones can make you feel hungry at any time. Consumption plenty of fibre-rich food and consumption lots of fluids during the calendar day can help you feel fuller designed for longer.