How Strong Is the Female Sex Drive After All?

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Horny old broads, dirty old men. Experts say such derogatory labels reflect a deep level of discomfort in our youth-oriented culture with the idea that seniors are sexually active. Sex is identified with reproduction, youthful attractiveness, and power -- and most young and even middle-aged people do not want to confront the inevitability of growing old. So sexual intimacy among older Americans is a subject that people don't talk about much. The silence, say experts, allows misconceptions to flourish -- including the widespread assumption that seniors lose interest in sex and are, or should be, asexual.

Daniel Bergner, a journalist and contributing editor to the New York Times Arsenal , knows what women want--and it's not monogamy. His new book, which chronicles his adventures in the art of female desire, has made absolutely a splash for apparently exploding the myth that female sexual desire is any less ravenous than male sexual desire. The book, What Do Women Want , is based on a article, which received a lot of buzz for detailing, among other things, that women get turned on after they watch monkeys having sex after that gay men having sex, a archetype of arousal not seen in if not lusty heterosexual men. That women be able to be turned on by such a variety of sexual scenes indicates, Bergner argues, how truly libidinous they are. This apparently puts the lie en route for our socially manufactured assumption that women are inherently more sexually restrained than men--and therefore better suited to monogamy. Detailing the results of a analyse about sexual arousal, Bergner says : No matter what their self-proclaimed sexual orientation, [women] showed, on the complete, strong and swift genital arousal after the screen offered men with men, women with women and women along with men. They responded objectively much add to the exercising woman than en route for the strolling man, and their blood flow rose quickly--and markedly, though en route for a lesser degree than during altogether the human scenes except the cassette of the ambling, strapping man--as they watched the apes. Far from body more sexually modest and restrained than the male libido, the female femininity drive is omnivorous and at basis, nothing if not animal writes Bergner.

Sexual desire is a major component of sexuality at any age, and introvert desire is one of the central sexual dysfunctions reported by older women. Aging is a physiological, psychological, after that social transition that typically affects sexuality. Continual sexual activity carries numerous fitness benefits throughout the life span: as sexual intimacy impacts sexual desire basic for ongoing healthy sexual interactions all the rage human relationships, problems in any area of the sexual experience should be addressed as part of a holistic health assessment as discussed by Yee and Sundquist [ 1 ]. Sexuality and older women are issues, but, that are typically dichotomized rather than considered a naturally occurring combination en route for be explored and nurtured in their intersection. A seemingly perpetual belief is that sexual interest wanes considerably before completely with age [ 2 ]. This overt medicalization could lead fitness care professionals to use an absolutely functional diagnostic approach.

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Even if sexuality remains an important component of emotional and physical intimacy that a good number men and women desire to be subject to throughout their lives, sexual dysfunction all the rage women is a problem that is not well studied. Increasing recognition of this common problem and future delve into in this field may alter perceptions about sexuality, dismiss taboo and erroneous thoughts on sexual dysfunction, and ember better management for patients, allowing them to live more enjoyable lives. This need is especially acute for physicians who will increasingly encounter patients trying to maintain a high quality of life as their bodies and animation circumstances change, and as advances all the rage nutrition, health maintenance, and technology accept many to extend the time midlife activities are maintained.

Sexual problems are more common in postmenopausal women, which suggests that menopause be able to reduce libido. The reduced sex ambition is often caused by decreased estrogen levels, which can dampen arousal after that result in sex being more aching. Some women going through menopause account reduced libido, but the causes adapt from person to person. According en route for one reviewthe reported rates of sexual problems in postmenopausal women are amid 68 and This range is a good deal higher than in all women all the rage general, which is estimated to be between 25 and 63 percent.