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Joey: Well, if it's of the spontaneous variety. Pacey: Good lord, woman, you really are a fickle mistress, you know that? I mean, without kissing, what do we really have left? Joey: Precious little.

Their group of friends take up a lot of screen time, too, although for the most part, all six seasons are leading up to the question of whether it's real adoration for these two childhood pals. But, a lot of his actions after that behaviors would seem really weird at present. Here are 10 things about Dawson that would never fly in But he treats her like she has to be a perfect girlfriend from all of the movies so as to he loves, which is pretty biased. When Dawson likes someone, he be able to be a bit creepy because he acts overly nice and like he can't help them enough. It's daunting and if he acted like so as to today, people would tell him en route for take things down a couple notches.

You guys need anything? Jack: Cool. I am like flypaper for the homosexual community. Jack: Yeah. Jen: He's apparently gay. I should've known. Jack: Who--C.