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Diana: STOP! Which one is it? Queen Hippolyta: You are only years old, Diana. A girl, who is too young and too naive to make her own decisions! Diana: No! It is Amazon law.

Where's that place that comes in pairs whenever I'm aware? Casino here, disco there, casino in my hair I wish my bear was in the air with no more time en route for spare Casino here, casino there, disco in my chair Yeee-haw! Surely, purty honey, I love you so After that if I had the money it would be yours. Casino here, disco there, casino in my hair I wish my bear was in the air with no more time en route for spare Casino here, casino there, disco in my chair Casino in my hair, casino in my chair Two-way radio Signal Jam Radio Host 1: After that at 6 PM tonight, live as of the Chop Chop Master Arena, we'll be featuring a special performance as a result of the brand new, sexy, hot, after that dynamite group

A simple romantic gesture like turning arrange their favorite song, lighting a a small amount of candles or picking their favorite best can show exactly how you air without too many frills. Listening en route for music can engage not only your auditory system but many other parts of your brain as well. These parts are responsible for movement, dialect, attention, memory and most importantly emotions. Sandra Garrido, of the University of Western Sydney. Nothing gets the account flowing like some good tunes.

Sat 3 Nov I was even add enraptured by the soundtrack than the film. And this particular track — a US No 1 on its release in although it recharted inmaking it the only pop song en route for hold the top spot in altered decades — soon wormed its approach into my psyche, partly because it was so catchy, partly because it was so annoying. Our protagonist, deciding this description fits him perfectly, places a personal ad in response, suggesting they meet at a bar by noon. Rather than breaking into a flurry of mutual recrimination, they bite of fun at the coincidence and talk a propos all the interests they never knew they shared — including an business, presumably. This story first maddened after that then intrigued me. I am a data journalist and found it arduous to get past the sheer unlikeliness of this sequence of events.

At the same time as he often did, Wanya stole the show, particularly on the pre-chorus at the same time as he pleads with such sincerity it feels like he might just be able to turn back time. He doesn't focus on the big adventure, but instead zooms all the approach in on a single soldier: adolescent, impressionable, and unaware of the ample gravity of the choice they've made to fight these hollow battles. A lot of protest songs focused on the battle in the abstract, but Withers's chant captures the tragedy on an being scale with precise, heartrending details. Arrange How Does It Feel, D'Angelo promises happiness in exchange for forthrightness, although stacking heavenly, unconventional harmonies like a Jenga tower. Solange's talent was incontestable before she released A Seat by the Table, but that album—and its Grammy-winning lead single—proved that she's individual of the most vital songwriters effective today. And though it never topped the charts, Etta James's single ash one of the most enduring of the 20th century. The record's award track and opener sets the area, with Gaye singing from the angle of a young idealist, grappling along with the ills all around him.