How to Avoid Spoiling Your Child

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If the job of parenting is to raise children who are ultimately goodkindresponsible citizens who fulfill their unique potentials as they contribute to the betterment of society, then making sure our kids are not spoiled is an important component of our duties. Raising children who are not spoiled means that we enjoy the company of our kids and spend our time together having less conflict and more fun. How to Raise an Un-Spoiled Child Parents who want to shape their children into people who are raised to be thankful, patient, have self-control, and are generally pleasant individuals to be around can definitely take measures to help steer their kids in the right direction. Make Sure They Do Chores Giving children age-appropriate chores can not only help lighten your load around the house, but it can help your child develop a sense of responsibility and self-esteem. While it might initially take longer to teach a young child how to do even simple tasks such as sweeping the correct way truth be told, it can often be easier just to do it yourselfteaching your child how to do housework can be an important foundation that will serve them for the rest of their life. Be a good role model by showing your child how you say thank you to the people around you, such as wait staff or bank tellers. Sit down and write thank you notes with your child or have an older child do the writing themselves to send to people who give them presents or help them in some way.