Can language get you laid?

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Home » Articles » Will learning new languages help you pick up girls? Last summer, a huge publication asked if I would write an article for them about How learning languages will help you chat up girls. Then, since it was just before the World Cupthey made me a counter offer and asked if I could write a piece on how to learn Brazilian Portuguese to Travel to the World Cup … and chat up girls. Again, I politely declined. This story, the story of language learning as essentially a magic potion that turns you into James Bond, is an appealing one. But it's not the story I want to tell.

Although actually you can generate a allocation of attraction even without being adept to speak any of the words, and probably more than you would back home with English speakers. After that you use pushing and pulling, after that get physical with them. Spin them around, grab their hands, hug them, and pull them into you. Control them. Just like you should administer game normally. Because in English, you have so much control of the language that you will sound able and alpha which is attractive en route for the girls. And pretty soon the girl is the one chasing you for an outcome.

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Be able to language get you laid? Pages: 1 2 3 Next page. As a frequent visitor to Germany and a reasonable speaker of German, I'm commonly in the position to chat along with German natives. Many young educated Germans in the big cities automatically affect I won't know any German after that will address me in English.