What to Do After a Car Crash

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Print Alex was excited to finally get his license. He was looking forward to going to the movies and to visit friends without needing someone to take him. A couple weeks later, Alex was headed to his friend Matt's house. Two blocks from Matt's, Alex waited at a stop sign when he felt a sudden jolt. Someone had rear-ended his car. Alex started panicking — and his first thought was What do I do now? Although you do your best to drive responsibly and defensively, it's still smart to know what to do just in case you end up in a collision. Crashes can be very scary, but here are some tips if one happens to you: Take some deep breaths to get calm.

Your driving record — The better your record, the lower your premium. But you've had accidents or serious interchange violations , it's likely you'll compensate more than if you have a clean driving record. You may additionally pay more if you're a additional driver without an insurance track album. How much you use your carriage — The more miles you ambition, the more chance for accidents accordingly you'll pay more if you ambition your car for work, or abuse it to commute long distances. Locality, location, location — Due to advanced rates of vandalism, theft and accidents, urban drivers pay a higher auto insurance price than those in diminutive towns or rural areas. Where you park your car on the avenue or in a secure garage after that anti-theft features may impact the base line as well. Other factors so as to affect premium price that can adapt from one area or state en route for another are: cost and frequency of litigation; medical care and car darn costs; prevalence of auto insurance fraud; and weather trends. Your age — In general, mature drivers have fewer accidents than less experienced drivers, above all teenagers. Insurers generally charge more but teenagers or young people below become old 25 drive your car.

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