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Report This Cindy Morgan was furious at Chevy Chase during their scene in his cabana due to the fact that he was improvising more than she had anticipated and didn't tell her ahead of time. This made her uncomfortable, which can be seen clearly in the scenes where she's having the tequila shots with him and the massage where all the oil accidentally spilled out on her back. Harold Ramis had to settle them down, and the scenes then went very smoothly. Report This Harold Ramis wanted to use Pink Floyd to write music for the film, but couldn't get them. After an audition, Kenny Loggins came up with the famous theme song for the film, I'm All Right and played it for the producers and got the job. Johnny Mandel, who wrote the film's musical score, was also hired immediately afterward.

His strong fingers slid down her attractive back in sinuous curves. The aroma of cinnamon from the essential oils permeated the air. The room was dimly lit by several candles. His face wore a secret smirk at the same time as the palms of his hands hard-pressed into her muscles on either area of her spine on their approach back up to her shoulders. He was tall, and lithe above her. She appreciated how the dim agile provided contrast to his lean body. Groaning again, and smiling herself, she let her head drop back along. His voice was husky, It is my pleasure.

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