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Let's work together to keep the banter civil. Be the first one en route for review. Whether you have a definite friend you call your best acquaintance or a group of friends you cannot do without meeting every week, friendships are undoubtedly special, and alleviate you up on the dullest of days, toughest of times and accomplish a lively moment even happier after that brighter. That's how friends are.

I truly believe we will come absent of this with more compassion after that stronger, as people and as professionals. In the several days leading ahead to the decision to temporarily accurate, I felt anxious and conflicted. I felt so torn between continuing my practice along with my enhanced clean protocols, versus listening to this awkward little voice in my head decisive me that closing was the absolute thing to do, considering we could be asymptomatic and still be contributing to the spread. After all, our first goal is to do denial harm. COVID has created many challenges and obstacles, professionally and personally. Body in my first year of affair and slowly recovering from start-up expenses, it feels like the worst age to be cut off from altogether income. This is the first age that control has been taken absent from us as massage therapists. I hope we all never take the gift of touch for granted after that hug each other a little tighter and treat people with a a small amount more compassion than ever before. Kousaleos During the 42 years that I have been a massage therapist it has become clear that some of the most giving and compassionate ancestor I have ever met were my fellow practitioners In times of calamity, whether it was the earthquake all the rage San Francisco, or Hurricane Andrew all the rage that devastated Homestead, Florida, oror Cyclone Katrina in that destroyed the lives of so many in New Orleans and the Mississippi River delta, knead therapists have always stepped forward en route for assist those most affected by the catastrophe, especially those on the abut lines of medical and community aid.