Human-wildlife conflict – Cougars

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About cougars If you see a cougar in your community, call your nearest Fish and Wildlife office. A Fish and Wildlife officer can provide advice on preventing cougar encounters and responding when cougar encounters are unavoidable. The rest of their diet consists of elk, moose, bighorn sheep and small mammals. A healthy cougar population is an indication of a thriving local ecosystem. In years when deer, elk and moose numbers are high, the number of cougars will be high. Cougars are often confused with other animals, and many sightings reported to wildlife agencies are found to be coyotes, bobcats, yellow dogs or even house cats. True cougar sightings are relatively low in number as they are elusive and generally not found within heavily populated areas. Cougars are active at all times of the day. If they enter open habitats and areas near humans, they typically do so when it is dark.

But you see a cougar before before after normal business hours, call Facts about Cougars Adult male cougars roam widely, covering a variable abode range of 50 to square miles, while female home ranges are a propos half that of males Cougars are most active from dusk to be born, although they sometimes travel and chase during the day. Adult cougars as a rule prey on wild animals such at the same time as deer, but also other smaller kill species including raccoons, coyotes, rabbits, hares, small rodents, and occasionally pets after that livestock. Cougars are typically lone hunters that wander between places frequented as a result of their prey, covering as much at the same time as 15 miles in a single dark. Cougars rarely carry any communicable diseases that are regarded as threats en route for humans in Washington.

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