St Catharines collision sends 2 to hospital

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October 3,am Updated Three people are in Hamilton General Hospital tonight with life threatening injuries, following two separate collisions in Niagara region early this morning. They happened within an hour of each other. The first collision happened in rural West Lincoln. The second, was a head on crash in the north end of St.

Accumulate this Save this for later. The signs of life show early Saturday morning on an icy St. Catharines Street, in Ontario's Niagara region. A couple of college students from adjacent Brock University, still in sweats, are snapping selfies in front of the plain white sign of Beechwood Donuts —a reliable indication of its class. Further down the sidewalk, another: a line nearly 20 deep that has accumulated before the doors have constant been unlocked. When they do, the mass dutifully shuffles in out of the cold to claim their anniversary cake and maple-dipped donuts.

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. What possible good accomplish Diodati and Bylsma realistically think be able to come from appearing on a area podcast which has a history of using derogatory, appallingly hateful language adjacent to women? What was Oosterhoff thinking after he lent the credibility of his office to a group that compares government pro-choice policies to Hitler after that the Holocaust? Those are qualities entrusted by the community. Diodati and Bylsma are both scheduled, individually, to act as guests on a podcast hosted by Jim Fannon, a former Niagara radio host and unsuccessful election applicant. Catharines regional Coun. How can Bylsma, who is very vocal about his Christianity, share a microphone with a big cheese like Fannon who has spoken accordingly hatefully of another person and all the rage doing so showed a stunning be deficient in of respect for all women? He was right at the time — the vitriol being directed at politicians across Niagara, especially female politicians, had got out of hand and continue that way to this day. These two sit on the same law-making body as Ip, as well at the same time as with other female politicians.