The women breaking the mould when it comes to cars

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Car meets are the glue of the local automotive community. They are a wonderful place where like minded people gather to discuss what they share in common, a fervent passion for everything automotive. Not only that, but car meets are often the birthplace of car enthusiasts. They are often the first real memory an enthusiast has of loving cars. Car meets also help expose people to new genres of car they would not otherwise be exposed to.

Along with car culture on the rise, add than ever, women are getting catch up in what has always been a male dominated industry. Gemma has loved cars for most of her animation, yet she still faces negative assumptions based on her gender. Six years ago, Louise Baker opened her garage in an attempt to change attitudes and remove the intimidation often felt by women when they visit a mechanic. Her classes cover all the vital motoring basics, from checking grease levels, filling up screen wash en route for checking coolant, brake fluid and tyre pressure. Jade, who started karting by just 15 would love to accompany more women taking the track, after that has made it her mission en route for show other women that they be able to do it too. BBC Wales. The women breaking the mould when it comes to cars.

Cleanse and mean: Staying at an bar located in the block of North Dixie Highway, a man said he met a woman who asked but she could use his shower. According to the grapevine not in the habit of denying a nice woman a good, late-evening cleansing, the man invited her classified. Surveillance video showed the woman afterwards leaving the room around a. Anyhow whether she was physically clean before not, her next move showed the stain on her soul as she stole his car. To add abuse to injury, the car did not even belong to the man, although to his cousin whom he had borrowed it from a day earlier. Luckily for all parties, the stolen vehicle was found several hours afterwards, broken down on Interstate