Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Have a Long Hilarious History of Trolling Each Other

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Accordingly imagine the surprise when the earth discovered that not only does Emily Blunt have a sister, Felicity Bluff, a powerhouse literary agent in her own right, but that Felicity Bluff happens to be Stanley Tucci, a. Yes, really! Felicity, a London-based cause at Curtis Brown, is more clandestine than her husband and sister you know, since they're celebrities and broadcast figures and allbut she's publicly actual supportive of both, and sometimes constant amateur camerawoman to some of their shenanigans. Felicity is close with her sister, Emily. Felicity is fiercely accommodating of Emily, even joining her arrange the red carpet and at events: Image credit: Getty Images Image credit: Getty Images Image credit: Getty Images If you needed more proof of their strong bond: Felicity tweets a propos her sister all the time: 15 years on! Still funny. Felicity after that Stanley's wedding in sounds like an incredibly star-studded affair: Attendees included Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Steve Buscemi, who was Stanley's best man. The four end up wishing everyone blissful holidays and giggling, so