This Is What Social Isolation Looks Like

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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Medical UniversityLucknow, India. Despite advances in standard of living of the population, the condition of widows and divorced women remains deplorable in society. The situation is worse in developing nations with their unique social, cultural and economic milieu, which at times ignores the basic human rights of this vulnerable section of society. A gap exists in life expectancies of men and women in both developing and developed nations. This, coupled with greater remarriage rates in men, ensures that the number of widows continues to exceed that of widowers. Moreover, with women becoming more educated, economically independent and aware of their rights, divorce rates are increasing along with associated psychological ramifications.

Collective isolation in grief is oh accordingly common. Social isolation in winter is oh so common. Conversations about collective isolation? Not so common. We allusion social isolation a lot around at this juncture, but we have never had a whole post about it.

She welcomed me into a modern, affluent home. We sat in the active room, taking in the impressive analysis from her balcony and our banter unfolded. She had been his carer for over ten years, as he slowly declined from a degenerative acclimatize. Paula said she got used en route for people always asking after her companion and forgetting about her. While she had obviously been finding life challenging, it was also abundantly clear so as to she loved her husband dearly after that had struggled profoundly to cope along with his death. I asked Paula how long it took for her en route for find her bearings, and she replied:. Nearly four years.