How to Start Looking Forward to Sex : and stop seeing it as a chore

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And you know that your husband is likely lying there, rather disappointed and maybe a little ticked off, too. Chances are most of us have had that inner conversation plenty of times in our marriage. Sex may have seemed like a beautiful promise at the wedding, but a few years—and sometimes several babies—later, and it just seems like a chore. And obligation sex is not sexy. After all, for women our sex drives are almost entirely in our heads.

Whether we admit it or not, it is a favorite topic. From youth on, there is a natural curio and excitement generated at the accepted wisdom of sex; and, despite the blame many have tried to attach en route for it, sex is good. God created it and it is good. A good deal like fire, it can also be extremely damaging if not enjoyed all the rage the correct context. Fire in a fireplace is warm and comforting. Animate on the rug even close en route for the fireplace… right in front destroys the home — and possibly constant surrounding homes. Before marriage, waiting is excruciatingly difficult — that I bear in mind well.