When your submissive says ‘no’

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A blog post by Die Starke Frau prompted me to write this response because I see in her writing a struggle that a lot of new Dommes have: What do you do when your submissive disobeys? One thing that definitely throws me off balance is when the man is refusing to submit. When I develop an idea of what to do with him and how to fuck with his mind, and if then, out of the blue, the man does not obey. Note: I am not talking about playful disobedience here. I am talking about a serious refusal.

Accept as true it or not but there is a genuine market for women who are prepared to take and consume the money given to them as a result of men often referred to by associate fandoms as paypigs! The exchange is for behaving in a controlling after that dominant way. Yes, financial domination is a real fetish and men after that it is usually men want en route for be used and abused financially as a result of powerful women. Though a sexual craze, this kind of relationship rarely involves any physical contact or sexual services at all. Its premise is simple: mutually beneficial arrangements. FinDom is individual of the largest financial domination communities in the world with hundreds of members active at any given age. A form of humiliation, the affiliation between the Dominant and their assistant in financial domination can sometimes broaden to other sexual practices which be able to include BDSM or other fetish act but is often more simply an exchange of power.