Diogenes the Cynic

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By: Dave Roos Oct 4, Diogenes of Sinope to B. Plato called Diogenes a Socrates gone mad and his nickname among his fellow Athenians was the Dog. He practiced a theatrical version of Cynic philosophy, which itself was pretty radical for its time, explains Julie Ann Piering, a philosophy professor at Northern Arizona University. Compare Diogenes to Socrateswho also hung out in the marketplace and engaged Athenians in pointed dialogues. It's Diogenes who took the radicalized version of that.

Assume lounging by the pool in your bathing suit, soaking up the sun and enjoying a cold drink. Head Obama warmly shakes your hand, introduces himself, and asks if there is anything that he can possibly accomplish for you. Now imagine this area happening years ago, in ancient Greece. Diogenes of Sinope, also known at the same time as Diogenes the Cynicis sitting in the morning sun, the picture of ease. He is elderly, barefoot, and bearing only a simple, tattered robe. Alexander the Great, Emperor of Greece, is excited to meet the great academic. Alexander greets Diogenes, asking if around is any favor he might accomplish for him. Digonese tells Alexander, boss of the civilised world, to advance off.

Diogenes of Sinope fourth century BC is too irascible a character not en route for share some anecdotes about him as of the compendium of Diogenes Laertius arrange the lives of the philosophers. They illustrate the precepts by which he lived: that personal happiness is content by meeting one's natural needs after that that what is natural cannot be shameful or indecent. His life, as a result, was lived with extreme simplicity, inured to want, and without shame. It was this determination to follow his own dictates and not adhere en route for the conventions of society that he was given the epithet dog, as of which the name cynic is copy. As to why he was called a dog, Diogenes replied, Because I fawn upon those who give me anything, and bark at those who give me nothing, and bite the rogues. Seeing a child drinking as of his hands, Diogenes threw away his cup and remarked, A child has beaten me in plainness of active. When asked why he went a propos with a lamp in broad crack of dawn, Diogenes confessed, I am looking designed for a [honest] man. Why do ancestor give to beggars, he was asked, but not to philosophers? Of mathematicians, that they keep their eyes arrange the heavens and overlook what is at their feet.

I f asked to identify important topics for a new journal on citizen affairs, few of us would assume first — if at all — of the humanities and their acclimatize in American life today. The apologetic state of elementary and secondary culture would surely make the list, at the same time as might the need to improve controlled literacy and technological competence, so so as to, as we are often told, America may remain competitive in the globalized economy and high-tech world of tomorrow. Attention might be invited also en route for political correctness in college classrooms before campus restrictions on free speech. Although the larger and more important didactic issue of what college students should be learning and why — after that especially in the humanities — is a subject below the radar designed for nearly everyone. It was not all the time thus. Fifty years ago, when Europeans and Americans still distinguished high background from popular culture, and when conventional learning was still highly esteemed all the rage colleges and universities, C. He took Britain's literary aristocracy to task designed for its dangerous dismissal of scientific after that technological progress, which Snow believed offered the solutions to the world's deepest problems. In a vitriolic response en route for Snow, the literary critic F.

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