10 Most Iconic Music Video Looks of The 80s

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Thank God for MTV in the '80s. The music, of course, was awesome, but those videos! Those videos were everything. It's not that they had great concepts or high production values, but the women making them were so amazing and the iconic outfits they wore took those shoe-string budgets to another level. Who even really knows what Madonna's Like A Virgin music video was about — a man who is also a lion… in Venice — but that wedding dress, the high-low hem, the giant puffy shoulders, the fingerless gloves!

Not only is this true for distinctive occasion wear, such as First Blessed Communion dresses and bridal party ensembles, but in fact, the right lap wear can make any outfit chic. Most little girls love to adorn up , and not just at the same time as their favourite Disney character! From beard ties to shiny shoes, kids be able to be just as obsessed with the details as adults. What often sets children apart, however, is their adoration of vibrant colours and patterns.

Arrange Sunday's VH1 Divas Salute the Troops, 27 years after Lauper's declaration, two of this generation's fiercest female voices took over the oft-covered classic bang ode with a new kind of women's lib. Nicki Minaj who has already clearly drawn inspiration from Lauper, evident here with her puffy, ashen wig, colorful miniskirt, sky-high heels after that blue tights and Katy Perry who opted to sport sexy camouflage apparel, paired with a military-inspired hat performed a slightly more sped-up, rock-and-roll account though the tune's synthesized chords were still very much present. The Adolescent Money MC — who also rocked the stage solo — not barely aesthetically resembled Lauper with her off-kilter fashion sense, but vocally as able-bodied. The stage set-up, complete with a live band and a big barrier showing images that like, totally channeled the '80s, gave Minaj and Perry plenty of room to run about and, yes, have plenty of amusement. With a display of sisterhood so as to included a strut down the bridge, both girls as well as a gaggle of colorfully dressed dancers shimmying behind them fulfilled Lauper's promise. The two hugged after the performance after that gave the love right back en route for the audience, as Minaj cried, Acknowledgment the troops! Watch bonus performances, glance through photos, read all about the most-talked about moments, and find out how you can salute the troops by VH1's Divas Salute the Troops centre.

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