2 Week Route 66 Itinerary: The Ultimate American Road Trip

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Our planning guide covers the history after that current status of the historical course, tips on how to stay arrange the route, tips on figuring absent how much time you need en route for drive Route 66, a list of some of the highlights, packing tips, and a list of resources. Our itinerary has suggested stops for all night, but we also have a dedicated guide to classic Route 66 hotels and motels if you are looking for places to stay. Beneath is some basic information about how to get to Route 66, anywhere to rent a car for the drive, and how to figure absent how long it will take you to drive Route Getting to after that from Route 66 The first affair to think about in planning your Route 66 road trip is how you are going to get en route for the starting point of Route 66 and how you are going en route for get from the Route 66 conclusion point back home. Driving If you have your own car, motorcycle, before RV and live in the U.