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Any person who has a vagina can develop itand there are a number of factors that may lead to such an infection. Yes, exposure to a new sexual partner is one of them. But the list also includes things like smoking and douching. The confusion likely comes from the fact that BV can be associated with sexual activity. For example, penetrative sexual activity can affect the natural bacterial balance in your vagina, leading to extra bacterial growth and eventually BV. From using an IUD as contraception to taking up smoking or even changing the way you clean your genital areaall of these factors can lead to BV. But strong-smelling vaginal discharge and irritation when urinating are typical symptoms of the infection. Although you should seek medical advice from a doctor or other healthcare professional, you can try the following at home to lessen symptoms:.

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Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. The model was generally replicated among women who entered new relationships at Waves 2 and 3. Elevated sexual attempt behaviors among CSA survivors reflect complexity in establishing stable and safe relationships and may be reduced by interventions aimed at improving intimate relationships. These two CSA sequelae—relationship difficulties and sexual risk taking—are likely to be concurrent. Despite the potential connection between affiliation choices and sexual risk taking along with CSA survivors, these outcomes typically allow not been considered together. According en route for this model, sexually abused children are rewarded for sexual behavior with awareness and affection. According to Davis after that Petretic-Jacksonthese patterns may continue into later life.