Which Type of Money Safe Fits Your Needs

People have been using safes since the last 19th century. Many types of safes are designed and used since that time. Each safe is designed to protect different types of assets. Earlier models of safe were not quite secure but modern safes are robust and equipped with the latest locking mechanism. Therefore, you should check all the popular types of safes to pick the best safe for your home or office.

Types of safes:

The most popular types of safes include the following:

  • Security safes:

Security safes are small in size and therefore you can easily slide it under your bed or other furniture. Although it is small in size, it offers enough space to keep valuable items like cash, jewelry, and documents safe in the house or office. You can easily hide a security safe to prevent others from accessing your stuff.

  • Gun safes:

It is common to keep a firearm at home in order to protect the family against burglars and intruders. You may never like to let your kids play with those firearms. Therefore, you should store that firearm in a safe instead of keeping it in a cupboard or a normal drawer. There are special safes designed for keeping all kinds of firearms. You can buy one if you want to protect your guns and other weapons.

  • Media safe:

A media safe is a special vault created to protect items including cash, laptop, cards, and important documents. You can use this safe to keep your passport, IDs, and savings bonds safe. Even though you may wonder other people may not have an interest in these items, people might never leave any opportunity of misusing these things. Therefore, you should use this type of safe to protect IDs, documents, cash, credit/debit cards, and other valuable belongings.

  • Drawer safes:

It is another small size safe that can fit into your drawer. You can use this safe to keep your cash, documents, cards, and other assets safe. This type of safe is beneficial for those who often leave important documents or cash at workplace and do not want others to access those items. 

  • Box safes:

These safes look like a small vault. You can get this safe equipped with a combination locking mechanism or a digital lock to prevent unauthorized access. 

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