Communities for All Ages are good places for growing up and growing older.


Imagine a community that has:

  • Policies, facilities and public spaces that foster interaction across generations;
  • Strong social networks that include all ages and cultures;
  • Opportunities for lifelong civic engagement and learning;
  • Diverse and affordable housing and transportation options that address changing needs;
  • A physical environment that promotes healthy living and the wise use of natural resources;
  • An integrated system of accessible health and social supports for individuals and families across the life course

In communities around the country, we are seeing this vision come to life: organizations and individuals breaking out of age-specific silos, creating shared visions, engaging in collective action and expanding social capital.  

Communities for All Ages is creating an inspiring new story about community change...about what happens in rural, urban and suburban communities when organizations and residents of all ages come together to improve their communities. 

It is about a recongition of our shared fate. 



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