The year 2017 has seen most celebrities, professionals, students and businessmen rocking trendy and modern hairstyles that range from classy to downright crazy for those that like to stand out. Many of these cool hairdos have carried over from previous years with only slight modifications that add a more detailed look to an otherwise ordinary hairdo.

Before opting for your new hairstyle, there are a few things you need to note. Be sure to pick a hairstyle that matches the shape of your face perfectly. Learn how to identify and properly apply the right hair product. Most importantly, acquire the best head clipper available. This is the best investment you can make in terms of personal grooming. The most recognizable clipper is the Oster Professional Clipper, specifically the Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper with Detachable 000 and 1 size blades. This clipper is designed to cut through all hair types and is renowned for its lasting durability. It is perfect for the experienced barber or for individual use as it has the ability to operate both endlessly and effortlessly.

Let’s now take a look at the top trending hairstyles for the year 2017:


When Elvis Presley wore this hairdo, it became an instant sensation and has remained so over the years. It details short trimmed side and back hair with the top hair combed back off the forehead. Over the years, this look has become more and more versatile as it can be styled to suit different facial characters, career, and lifestyle.


Barbers have continually put a touch of modernity to this classy hairstyle. Combined with the pompadour or comb over, the disconnected undercut hairstyle gives a neat and clean look for that perfect gentleman. The sides of the hair are cut short and all one size creating a noticeable contrast between the sides and top. Classic barbershops are most experienced for this kind of hairdo.

Yes, man buns are still going strong and continually gain popularity for men who desire to keep long neat hair. The difference between a top knot and a man bun is simply the length of hair left on the top, back and side of the head. The beauty of this hairstyle is that you may not need to visit your barber shop every so often as it is easy to maintain yourself. With the right set of clippers such as the ones we noted earlier, you can very easily give yourself a good trim.


The quaff is an iconic hairstyle for both the young and old. This modern stylish haircut offers a range of variations from disconnected to that messy textured for either straight or curly hair. The hairstyle provides the option of having short or medium-length hair to comb it back or to the side


This hairdo works with all types of looks; classy or trendy. This hairstyle requires your barber to use clippers to cut the back and sides to a low gradient while leaving the top hair virtually untouched. The top hair is combed over as a slick back, side part or textured style. There are many variations of the comb over hairstyle with the most popular being the taper fade comb over haircut. This is best suited for any type of face and hair type and is definitely worth considering for any man wishing to get a stylish new hairdo.


Men’s bangs as it is also known, has become quite trendy this year. It is among the coolest short haircut for men. The benefit with this hairdo is that it works with straight, wavy or curly hair. One can choose to let the hair fall flat over the forehead like bangs or style it so it has volume. A heavy fringe can look good but also requires a lot of styling and regular trims, but if you are up for it, then it’s worth the effort.


This form of hairstyle involves trimming hair along the natural hairline and was made popular mostly because it worked best for those who have afro textured hair. This hairdo leaves a perfectly clean look. It is highly recommended that you visit a barber who will use the best clippers to ensure you get that specific hairline without trimming too deep.


This hairdo has been popular for many years and is still trending in 2017. It generally caters for men with short hair to create that sexy, masculine look that is perfect for casual and professional situations. The hairstyle is most simple and requires very low maintenance. You can get the temp fade haircut using clippers to create sharp lines to the faded and tapered side hair. A bald fade haircut is created when instead of trimming your hair down to the same length, you choose to fade down the sides thereby adding detail to a relatively plain style.