Your garden offers the first impression of many things regarding your home. Visitors, customers or tenants will most likely make a judgment about your general hygiene, courtesy, etiquette or behavior basing on your lawn. It is thus critically essential that your lawn is in the best shape, beautiful and stunningly breathtaking. It goes a long way in ensuring you have a peaceful and quiet life. Good looking lawns are the center of many things. Among them great and productive discussions or mingling. They calm the mind and relieves minor tensions. It goes without saying, that when it comes to your landscape, it must be nothing short of neat, elegant and most importantly green.

Similarly, for you to experience the many great things that come with a professional-looking lawn, you need a professional lawn company to do the job.
Many companies are in the Commercial Lawn Care business. The homeowner is left spoilt for choice. But these companies should not be taken at their face value. You need to choose the right company that will deliver on promises. You can’t afford to gamble with something as critical as the image of your home. What key things do you look for in a Commercial Lawn Company Before Hiring?

For credible and professional lawn company, you should ask them the following five questions. These questions are vital and will ensure you settle for the best.

1. Are you certified and fully insured?
The question is vital; it will go a long way in ensuring the security of your landscape. It’s especially important with large plants and machinery. If the company is bonded, your many uncertainties about the quality of work can rest. Most of the landscapers may be partly insured putting you at risk. Be sure to ask about the different warranties they have to this question.

2. How long has the company been in business?
The time the company has been in business will help gauge their level of expertise and professionalism. A longer period in business will also mean it’s a reputable and honest company. Ten years or more in business is a good pick. Nevertheless, a company with less than ten years can also deliver remarkably. However, you need to ask them for references from previous satisfied clients. Secondly, check the support staffs especially the customer service. You want to be sure that they are ruthlessly efficient in responding to calls or emails and any other assistance you might need.

3. What is the level of experience and expertise of your staff?
You need to be sure that the company can complete a variety of jobs. Ranging from sodding, and plant installation to arborist’s when it comes to trees and horticulturist. You have to be sure that they have the experience and expertise it takes to complete the task. They must be able to blend your lawn nicely and beautifully.

4. Can provide a time frame for completion and a drawing of your plans?

The company must be transparent on a timetable for the conclusion of the job. It will help you to plan either for your visitors or other issues adequately.
By asking a drawing of your plan will ensure that there are fewer uncertainties about your landscape. You can envision what your lawn will look like and make necessary adjustments.

5. What are the costs and the installation process?
You need to know what are the company rates and benefits if any. You need the company to provide you with a clear installation process. For instance, the type of materials to be used, what equipment will be employed and the several phases the project will take. Such information will help you to be well acquainted with what will happen. It will also depict a snapshot picture of the professionalism and capabilities of the company.

All the above points considered, it is equally important to ask your neighbors or friends who have their lawns well done to provide you with few references. Similarly, it is essential that before hiring Commercial Lawn Company, always do all the background checks and research about them of previous works. Some of them if asked for reference may decide not to be honest.

A good looking lawn is the desire of every homeowner. A front yard that is eloquently done and beautifully laid will have a lasting impression. It is thus important to have the experts with years of experience on the job. So, in your quest to have a lovely landscape, the above questions if asked will leave you with the best company for the job.