A whooping 190 million American shoppers did their purchases online in the first quarter of 2014. A staggering 81% of American shoppers do an online search before actually making a purchase. 79% of shoppers now shop online rather than in the conventional method. This statistics cannot drive the point home more clearly that to survive in the current world, businesses have to embrace technology.

Research has shown that SEO is the most Impactful business strategy of the 21st century. Everything is now on a digital platform. 81% of American adults have smart phones of which 44% of them make online purchases. This clearly highlights the Importance of companies upping their digital presence to make an impact. What better way of doing so than Improving on their SEO’s?

First things first. What is SEO? It basically stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell SEO is the simple activity of ensuring that a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to the what the company is offering .In the following few paragraphs I will clearly and concisely explain to you why SEO is a must have for any serious business In this day and age.

Increase Visibility and Brand Awareness: SEO will Increase your company’s visibility in the Internet. The more visible you are the easier it will be for you to transact business .Since the customer is always king, If your business goes out of its way to make Itself visible to the potential customer then it will be rewarded with Increased business

SEO will bring your business traffic. While business traffic may not result in direct sales, over time the many people who stumble over your business name will become your customers. This is similar to the natural law of attraction where over time you get attracted to something you did not like or notice Initially. Cost Effectiveness SEO is a very cost effective strategy because it’s an inbound marketing strategy. What this simply means is that SEO markets to the customer when they are looking for things that your company offers.You don’t have to take newspaper space, cold calling or the expensive print and media platform. The company will save up to 60% of cost it would have incurred through print and media advertising.

Earn Credibility: A company with a well managed SEO will stand out as a thought leader and expert In its field.By properly managing and highlighting Its digital presence business can reap big time.A business with a well made and managed website,blog,social media pages etc is likely to beat a company that has no digital presenceSEO gives you Insight about your customers. For any serious business knowing about their customers tastes and preferences is a gift from heaven.Google analytics keeps track of activity on your business site and will give you Invaluable data and metrics about your clients. How they search,what they search, most used words etc. This can really help a business realign its business strategy and plans to meet the clients wants.

Technology is here to stay and those who don’t change with the changing times will surely perish.The time is right for those businesses that have not embraced SEO to do so now. If you need help with SEO then check out the pros at Brand That Name Leeds