The Caucasian Ovcharka is a masculine bodied, bear-looking, and strong dog breed that is loving and friendly when at home but extremely brutal when threatened. It has a water-resistant and chunky coat which comes in brindle, yellow, white, and red shades. Rearing this dog breed at home is crucial if you have sheep and other flocks you want to be guarded. There are lots of breeders who offer this dog breed today. Get to learn the main questions to ask your dog breeder before you decide to buy a new dog from them.

1. Are you a member of any dog breeders’ organization?

Get the potential dog breeder to tell you if they are registered with any dog breeding club in your state. Check their certifications to determine if they have the legal mandate to breed and sell this dog breed. To be sure your breeder has genuine certificates; you should contact the body that offers dog breeder certifications in your state to find out if they are the ones who offered licensed the potential breeder.

2. Are the parents of the puppies you are selling certified?

Let the breeder tell you if the dogs they are selling have been screened for hereditary diseases like eye problems, hip problems, and heart problems. Get written documents that show that the parents of the puppy you are buying are cleared of all health problems. Don’t buy your puppies from breeders who don’t screen and conduct regular health checks on their dogs.

caucasian mountain puppies

3. How good are your puppies socialized?

Get your breeder to tell you if the puppies they are selling have been living with other dogs, people, and puppies. This dog breed is very social and friendly if it gets proper training and socialization classes. You can easily know if a puppy has been living with other puppies and people when you get in touch with it.

4. Do you have any recommendations?

You shouldn’t put full trust in what your dog breeder tells you. You should get references and read reviews to know if the customers who previously bought dogs from such breeders recommend their services. You can do this by either interviewing such customers in person or talking with them on the phone.

5. What guarantees and return policies do you have in place?

Even with proper screening and health certifications, you can’t be sure your dog is free of all health problems. That’s why most dog breeders offer their dogs with warranties and favorable return policies. Do check if your dog breeder is always willing to accept back dogs that don’t meet their customer’s health expectations.

6. For how long have you bred this dog breed?

Breeders who have been in the industry for long are usually more appropriate to work with. This is true since they have experience in breeding such dogs and will know what they love and hate. They will as well be in a position to tell when dogs aren’t of good health.


If you really want to find the best Caucasian Ovcharka breeder, you ought to ask the right questions. Get every question answered properly before you agreed to work with any breeder. This is to avoid instances when you will end up buying puppies from breeders who cannot be trusted and will not be ready to accept the puppies back if they don’t meet your health desires.