The City of Proctor, population 2,852, is located in beautiful northeastern Minnesota amid lakes and forests.  While Proctor and its larger neighbor Duluth share adjoining residential areas, Proctor sits atop the hill overlooking Lake Superior, approximately 10 miles from downtown Duluth, the region’s largest urban area and Minnesota’s fourth largest city. The City of Proctor is rich with railroad heritage and strong community values.

 The Proctor school district is comprised of several small towns and rural townships bringing the total population to nearly 11,000 people. Staff and students alike share a strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability. The high school boasts a wind turbine that generates electricity for a locker room/athletic storage facility. Both of the elementary schools have school forests nearby and utilize these as outdoor classrooms.

 In the winter of 2009-10, we joined the CFAA family as part of the Northland Foundation’s initiative, AGE to age: bringing generations together . This presented an opportunity to expand the work of our AGE to age project from a focus on youth and seniors to a focus on healthy communities for all of our residents. Since we hold tightly to the values of sharing fun and sharing food with one another, we have embarked on a project to enhance a little-used park and convert it into a community gathering space where families and friends will meet to play,  eat,  garden, and enjoy the healthy outdoors.


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