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Queen City of the Sound -- 45 Minutes from Broadway -- Home of Rob and Laura Petrie

These are just some of the famous nicknames of New York's 7th largest city, located in southern Westchester County.  With a population of 77,000, New Rochelle celebrates its richness of history, art, and diversity.

New Rochelle is just a 30-minute train ride from Grand Central, yet it has a vibrant history of its own. It was founded by Huguenots in the 1600‘s, and served as an agricultural town for 200 years.  Quickly though, it became a summer-resort destination of wealthy New Yorkers, and a bustling downtown scene came alive with arts and commerce in the 1900‘s.  Tie that with its many parks and Long Island Sound coastline, New Rochelle today evokes a unique urban/suburban feel that is unmatched in surrounding communities.

Today New Rochelle’s downtown area maintains the artistic roots of the city in some respects yet the commercial scene has struggled in recent years.  Main Street formerly hosted Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, and today many storefronts remain empty.

With an unemployment rate of 10%, residents feel the economy’s recent downturn and New Rochelle hosts Westchester County’s largest supplier of emergency food as well as the County’s largest homeless shelter.

The socio-economic diversity of New Rochelle is a unique challenge to its residents.


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